Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for property management?
Our management fee is just 8% with a min of $95.
Do you charge management fees during a vacancy?
No. Management fees are only charged during tenant occupancy.
What is the cost to get a property rented?
Management fee of just 8% ($95 Minimum) Tenant placement is just ¾ of first month’s rent.
How do you advertise my rental property?
We advertise on top rental websites, the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and use property signage to get the most exposure and ensure your home is leased as quickly as possible.
Tenant screening?
We have an extensive tenant screening process that includes credit check, criminal background check, income verification, and rental history. Our top priority is getting you the best tenants for your investment property.
Do I need to sign the lease for a new tenant?
No. As your property manager, we can sign all lease agreements on your behalf.
What financial statements will I receive?
You will receive monthly financial statements for your property outlining income and expenses, as well as a year end statement and 1099. You will also have access to statements and invoices online at anytime through our online portal.
Do you offer direct deposit?
Yes. Your rent distributions can be direct deposited into the account of your choice. We provide this service free of charge.
Do you conduct property inspections?
YES! We conduct routine inspections of your home to ensure it is being properly cared for by the tenant. We also perform special inspections as needed. We do not charge a fee for inspections…they are included free of charge!
How do you handle notices and evictions?
We initiate evictions immediately when necessary and adhere strictly to the law…thereby ensuring our rights (and that means your rights) to the fastest possible vacancy and re-marketing of your rental property.
How do you handle repairs and maintenance?
Your property manager will typically order repairs and maintenance for small items (such as leaky faucets or stopped garbage disposal), with no need to contact you. If the required repair is larger (typically greater than $300), we will contact you for authorization. For larger repairs, your property manager will obtain multiple quotes to ensure you get the best pricing possible.
Do you mark-up invoices?
No. We do not charge any fees or mark-ups on invoices or repairs.
What is a maintenance reserve?
A maintenance reserve is a balance held in your account and allows us to take care of the small repairs and maintenance of your property as occasionally needed. The reserve we hold is $300.
What if I have a Home Warranty?
Simply provide us the name and number of your warranty company, and we will coordinate any warranty covered repairs through them.
May I conduct repairs myself or use my preferred vendor?
Yes. If you would prefer to handle repairs yourself, or you have a preferred vendor you would like us to use, just let your property manager know.
How do I get started?
Getting started is easy. Call us at 321.345.9630 or complete the Contact Us form and we’ll contact you.


Areas We Serve

Our Guarantee

90 Day $$ Back Guarantee

If you change your mind about working with us, get a full refund of all management fees for up to 90 days. Cancel anytime for free.

Simply submit your cancelation request in writing within 90 days of sign up and we will refund any managment fees we charged during that time.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with our service then you're free to cancel at any time. Of course...we'd prefer to make you happy though.

30 day written notice for cancelation of service without any fees or penalties

How We Manage Your Property

When you choose IGC Realty Rental Management, you receive an expert breakdown of rental price recommendations in your unit’s area. This helps to ensure you earn the highest possible rent as quickly as possible.

Rental Analysis

We advertise our rental units aggressively on top rental websites and the MLS to guarantee maximum digital exposure for your rental unit, helping you rent it faster.


Your life is busy, and managing showings can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of managing a rental property. We take care of it for you, offering flexible showing times and completely supervised showings with licensed agents every time.

Property Showings

We thoroughly screen every potential tenant who applies to your listed rental for employment verification, credit history, criminal record, and eviction and address history to ensure you find the best renters for your properties.

Tenant Screening

Once a suitable renter receives approval to rent your property, our team will handle all of the leasing paperwork and collect rental fees. We’ll also perform a thorough move-in inspection with the tenant.

Leases & Moving In

IGC Realty Rental Management works with trusted vendors and service providers who can keep your rental unit in top condition at great prices. We can also coordinate with your preferred vendors for unit repairs, to assure you get the quality service you deserve.


We conduct routine inspections on a regular basis for every rental property we manage. This provides you with peace of mind knowing your tenants are taking care of your rental properties.


IGC Realty Rental Management makes renting easier for both property owners and their tenants. Both tenants and owners receive access to an easy and convenient online payment portal.

Online Payments

We keep detailed financial records and provide both monthly and year-end statements that clearly display all activity on your accounts with IGC Realty Rental Management.


We make it easy to keep track of all your leasing documents, monthly statements, and copies of all your original invoices in one convenient location in our intuitive Online Portal.

Online Portal

Our rates are reasonable for property owners, and our management fee is only 8% of your monthly rental price with a $75 minimum. When your property is vacant, you pay nothing for our management services

Management Fee

When you sign up for rental property management with us, our leasing fee is just 75% of one month’s rent, and this fee includes all of the marketing for your property and the MLS listing. The best part is that you pay nothing until your property is rented.

Leasing Fee

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