IGC Rental Qualification Criteria

Income Requirements

  • Income must be at least 2.5 to 3 times monthly rent

Rental History

  • No Rental Verification – 1.5x Security Deposit
  • Family Rental Verification – 1.5x Security Deposit
  • Negative Rental Verification Grounds for Decline
  • Owned Prior Residence
    • 0 – 4 Late Payments: No Additional Deposit
    • 5 or More Late Payments: 1.5x Security Deposit

Credit Requirements

  • Credit will be reviewed on a Case by Case Basis
  • No Eviction records for the last five years
  • No unpaid balances with previous landlords
  • No unpaid utilities
  • All Bankruptcy’s Must be discharged no less than 1 year

Alternative Credit Requirements

Applicant shall provide statements for at least 2 accounts showing a 12-month history of on-time
payments for any of the following: cable, phone, insurance or utility.

Co-Signer Requirements

  • SSN Required, 700 Minimum Credit Score
  • Co-signer cannot be an occupant of the property
    *Income only needs to be verified if being used to qualify for income requirement

Criminal History

An applicant will be automatically declined for the following:

  • Any felony conviction less than 7 years old.
  • Any felony conviction, where the date of sentence completion or parole completion, is less than 7 years old.
  • Evidence of multiple felony convictions.
  • Any offense requiring registration as a sex offender.

Pet Criteria

  • Max of 2 pets per property
  • No Aggressive Breeds
  • No Farm Animals
  • No Exotic Pets
  • Must have current Vet/shot records
  • Most properties require Non-Refundable Pet fee of $350 to $500


Our Guarantee

Tenant Placement Guarantee

If a tenant that we place doesn't fulfill their rental obligation then we'll place a new tenant free of charge!

90 Day $$ Back Guarantee

If you change your mind about working with us, get a full refund of all management fees for up to 90 days. Cancel anytime for free.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with our service then you're free to cancel at any time. Of course...we'd prefer to make you happy though.