Tips for Getting Your Property Rent Ready

Tips for Getting Your Property Rent Ready - Image

Tips for Getting Your Property Rent Ready


We have been getting a lot of questions from you all about how you can get your home rented at the best price in the shortest time possible. We thought about it and decided to make a video series covering over 25 pro tips you can utilize to your advantage.

A lot of investors get lost in the weeds because when it comes to investing in property because let’s face it, there is a lot going on when it comes to obtaining rental property let alone maintaining it. Its not easy but that’s why we are here to help!

Here are 5 pro tips for making your home rent ready.

Tip #1
Remove everything from the property and make it available as possible before you take pictures. Most renters want to move in next week so they like to see a home that’s ready for them to live in now.

Tip #2
Open all your doors and check to make sure you have door stops in place. A cheap $2 door stop can save you hundreds of dollars in damages in drywall when door knobs make unnecessary holes in walls when they’re opened too quickly.

Tip #3
Professionally get the carpets cleaned. This is important because your lease should require your renters professionally clean the carpets upon move out so they will expect professionally cleaned carpets upon move in. Not only does clean carpet make a home smell better, it helps the home show its best which means it will rent quicker.

Tip #4
Paint and Maintenance: Remove all the nail holes from all the pictures that were hung on the walls. Give them a little touch up with some filler and hit them with matching paint. If the paint is faded and tired, it would be a good idea to repaint to freshen up the space and bring new life to the property. This will help your property look better and rent faster.

Tip #5
Focus on your curb appeal. When potential renters pull up, they want to see that the house looks good before they even get out of the car. If you fail that “test”, it doesn’t matter how nice the interior looks, you already lost your potential renter.

Getting your home rent ready is one the most important tasks you will face on this journey so be sure to follow these 5 pro tips to help aid the process.

You can watch the video that goes along with this blog entry here.

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